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Nov. 29, 2018 – 

Transcribed message from your 'future self' - 

Don't miss the opportunity to invest in yourself

We have now entered into a historically slow period in real estate.  So, you probably have an opportunity to stop treading water and look for the pool's swim ladder - a little bit of a breather for the next couple of months, compared to chaotic levels that usually abound.  You have a choice... power down and semi-hibernate, or throttle full-steam ahead!

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Throughout my life, I have always put my 'best guy' on career development - MYSELF!  Seriously, absolutely nobody knows your needs and wants and will take care of them like yourself.  How's the saying go... If you don't know where you are going, every road will take you there

Advice: Manage your career like a critical project. Plan, execute and adjust.  And execute and adjust more.

At Vendor Surf, we continually maintain the most comprehensive and robust calendar of events, conferences, webinars and educational opportunities across mortgage and credit union ecosystems.  As I write this blog post, we have 321 such calendar events.

  • 125 Industry Events
  • 111 Webinars
  • 85 Education & Training opportunities

Many are FREE or quite affordable.  Further, many are 'On Demand,' letting you engage anytime you desire.  All this under one roof. 

Here are a dozen great FREE options scheduled in the next few weeks alone:

  • Hottest Buyers on the Block: Reaching Millennials (OnDemand)
  • The One Page Real Estate Plan to Set your 2019 Goals
  • LinkedIn Strategies for Loan Officers
  • Seizing Market Share in a Purchase Market
  • Blueprint for Taking a Quality Application
  • Hiring Predictions for 2019: Your Cheat Sheet for Winning Top Talent
  • New Tech Ways To Triple Your Lead Volume (OnDemand)
  • Top 10 Mistakes Made By Underperforming Lenders & How to Avoid Them (OnDemand)
  • Vendor Onboarding Best Practices (OnDemand)
  • What Title Agents Should Focus on ….and are not (OnDemand)
  • Compliance Tips/Trends - Resurgence of Marketing Service Agreements, Affinity Relationships, JVs & More (OnDemand)
  • Making Sense of Blockchain (OnDemand)

Simplifying things even more, we have a keyword search option in these calendars, letting you instantly narrow the offerings to just the most relevant topics, such as: Risk, QC, Sales, Underwriting, Fraud, Compliance, Technology, etc.

Block out time on your schedule now.  Find useful content, whether from Vendor Surf or elsewhere, and continually invest in yourself.  (Don't wait on another call from your future self.)

"If it's to be, it's up to ME"

FYI - Want to have your events posted for FREE?  Just send me an email that includes the URL, we'll add it immediately at no charge.  In a future version of Vendor Surf, we hope to provide you the direct ability to add your calendar content.


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