Centralized Job Search — Now on Vendor Surf

December 3, 2022 — 

Searching for a Mortgage Career Opportunity? 

Or, Are You Hiring?

We have temporarily adapted our search engine platform to simplify the job search process for opportunities at mortgage lenders and vendors. It is temporary because a job board is not generally part of our strategy, but current industry conditions seem to warrant it.


Because our search engine platform lends itself so nicely, with minimal effort and broad reach.

  • The massive downsizing across the entire industry continues to displace thousands of our friends and colleagues.
  • Still yet, there are MANY companies hiring.
  • However, we see these opportunities in a variety of different places, so we simply added a place with search filtering capabilities.
                    A single, centralized place to post or search.
                    Use search filters to quickly narrow down specific job opportunities.

Job Search - mortgage jobs


Click HERE to find the category labeled, ‘JOB SEARCH (at Lenders & Vendors)’

Our current sources of finding job opportunities are:

  1. The Rob Chrisman Commentary
  2. LinkedIn posts

How Can You Help?

Should you have any OPENINGS, or see jobs posted OUTSIDE of these two source, please forward them to me. I will update the Vendor Surf platform and continue to publish across the mortgage industry.

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There are no fees to anyone posting or looking for opportunities.

Completely FREE.

Please also CONSIDER JOINING the following LinkedIn group:

My Career Community


Description: My Career Community is a voluntary group of job seekers who want to support and encourage each other in the next chapter of our career journey. Comprised of members from the financial services industry, this group shares career resources, meets to cover job seeking topics and celebrates the new gigs as our members land them. Looking for work can be isolating and discouraging - this group seeks to work together until we all get back to work.


Thanks for your time,


Scott Roller, President