Mortgage Vendors: 'Inflation Termination' Pricing (& Freebies)

November 29, 2022 — It is heartbreaking to see the daily deluge of bad news coming from lenders and vendors. Organizations across the mortgage industry are suffering, causing devastation to thousands of our friends and colleagues.

We see some very kind and thoughtful gestures across social media, offering various ways to help those in need. It occurred to us...

“If not now… when?”

Inflation Termination

Unwilling to just sit idly by, Vendor Surf is responding in TWO ways. A third way will be announced very soon, after some quick development effort.

'Inflation Termination' Pricing

We are CANCELLING that sh** (stuff)!

Vendors can list on the search engine at 60% off annual subscription rates.

Basic - $198 (vs. $495 list); 1 category

Promo Code: Relief1

Basic Plus - $518 (vs. $1,295 list); Up to 4 categories

Promo Code: Relief2

PRO - $998 (vs. $2,495 list); Up to 8 categories

Promo Code: Relief3

Premium - $2,598 (vs. $6,495 list); Best brand exposure (See HERE)

Promo Code: Relief4

Someone asked me how long this discount will last. I had no answer, as it is impossible to predict how long these difficult market conditions will last. So, for now, THIS IS OUR PRICING MODEL. (Subject to change... someday.) 

FREE Listings - Newly Minted Entrepreneurs

Recently displaced individuals that have started their own vendor business in the 2022 calendar year can list for FREE for an annual subscription.

  • Reach out for details and the Promo Code... questions, demo, etc.
  • Also, happy to share thoughts on being an entrepreneur for a decade now.
Please share this with anyone you know who may qualify.


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Scott Roller, President