Heard it in Nashville – Worry, Panic and Opportunity

November 8, 2022 Our shortest blog post ever, breaking all the rules about minimum length. Then again... not a long history of following rules! Check out our most recent industry article (“Heard it in Nashville”), published by the MBA NewsLink, as we share what we keep hearing across the mortgage landscape. You can find the article HERE

We spent much of the past month talking to numerous lenders and vendors to check the industry pulse, including what we heard in Nashville, TN, at the 2022 MBA Annual Convention and Expo.

Nashville - heard it mortgage bankers association

Application volume has hit the skids, on the heels of the highest volumes in recorded history. Profits enjoyed the past couple years are presently sustaining lenders, but those war chests are dwindling fast. Current conditions and near-term outlooks are troubling. Most are worried. Many are panicked. Some actually see opportunity and are going on the offensive.

As with every major downturn in the past, lenders appear to be re-trenching, getting back to the basics—sticking to the core competency of processing applications and underwriting loans. Where possible, they are looking to outsource and automate other duties. We continually engage in conversations with industry vendors that are poised to help. The article provides insightful details on a select few.

Lender and vendor priorities:

  • Driving out cost
  • Outsourcing & automation
  • Partnerships and M&A deals
  • Cyber security… always white hot

Our next article will highlight vendors with solutions to enable home equity lending, as lenders scramble to dust off those products. Have such a vendor solution? Let's chat.

Happy reading.


Scott Roller, President