Our New Normal – Working Remote; Tech to Make it Permanent

April 15, 2020 – One of our fantastic (and innovative) client's, Capacity, asked us to write a guest blog post for them.  We agreed that the work from home (WFH) model thrust upon the whole world seemed like an insightful topic – 

  • the long-term affects of the model (it's here to stay for millions of people)
  • the benefits to employees and companies
  • the technology that makes it feasible

work from home

Shift happens. And thanks to COVID-19, it happened relatively overnight. Companies, and their employees, all over the planet are realizing that the work from home (WFH) disaster recovery plan is not only convenient and efficient, but incredibly cost effective too – and predictably will NOT remain a temporary staffing model. Millions of workers around the globe will not return to work full-time in the traditional office. We will be a more distributed workforce. Colleges and universities will also see a seismic shift in the percent of online classes.

This shift began long before COVID-19. Millennials (aka Gen Y), now the largest generation, have always demanded work-life balance – sort of an attitude of, ‘Don’t fret. Trust me to get the job done on my terms.’

A 2018 global combined survey from Harvard Business School and Boston Consulting Group, inclusive of 6,500 business leaders, reported that only 30% said their business was prepared to meet the changing expectations of employees most critically...

Go HERE to see the full blog post on our client's site.


Even the perpetual naysayers that have never warmed up to the WFH model will have to wrestle with the benefits achieved, both for employee satisfaction and for impacts to the balance sheet.  Boards and executives everywhere are finding that not only can business be sustained, it can also be efficient and cost effective.   

Control, compliance and technology departments – rest up now... your world has changed forever too.  

Thanks for reading.



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