Blessed to be an Online Marketplace; Still Prefer Back to Normal

March 24, 2020 – My 'tip of the day' as we sequester.  'If you want your children to listen, just talk very softly to someone else.'

A big shout-out to YOU.  We do appreciate your readership.  We always try to make things insightful and fun... in equal parts.  Also take notice of our expanded Calendars/Resources page... we added new types of resources for you – and it's NOT the same articles and headlines being repeated by everyone.  Fresh, unique...

We are getting a lot of inquiries asking how we are doing in these tough times.  We are good, just concerned for everyone's health and financial well-being.  Business-wise, we could not be more blessedVendor Surf being an online marketplace makes us among the highly fortunate.  Site traffic has exploded.  While thankful, we do prefer the industry getting back to 'abnormal' (ha!) 

welcome 3-24-20

Today we are honored to welcome a few new vendor partners, while thanking a few more for their annual renewals.  They are:

  • Falcone Communications & Design
  • OptifiNow
  • Amrock (renew)
  • Compass Point Capital (renew)
  • SYNRGO (renew)
  • United States Appraisals (renew, year 3!!)

Falcone Communications & Design

Stop trying to play marketing, advertising and creative director, bring in Falcone – demonstrated expertise and results now for over 30 years!  Take advantage of the flexibility and versatility Falcone offers, whether in day-to-day assignments or on an as-needed basis.

Falcone can be as big or as small as you need.

Trade shows and in-person events will return.  Use this downtime now to reinvent your event strategy, design, collateral and presence.


OptifiNow is a full cloud based Sales & Management Platform – a personal assistant to each sales person to help convert every lead.  Management gets the benefit of full blown business intelligence reporting, dashboards, etc.

  • Full featured CRM
  • Sales Automation / Enablement
  • Content Management
  • Reporting/Analytics

Talk about EASE of deployment and use, OptifiNow boasts a configurable modular format with rich customization. They also offer a deep integration with many best in class technology partners to provide an integrated technology stack to drive efficiencies throughout the entire organization.

Well-done John McGee and team.


Happy they renewed.  Beyond the obvious reasons... I was fortunate enough to have been a client in a past life. I used their services for years.  So, I know what our Vendor Surf visitors are in for when they choose to work with Amrock.

Beyond title and appraisal services, check out Amrock's proprietary technology and expert systems. They are a leading provider of eClosing services, offering In-Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN), Remote Online Notarization (RON) and Hybrid eClosings, dependent on state and county eligibility.

One of my favorite attributes of Amrock – No matter how much growth and success they achieve, the still remain hungry, always holding themselves to a critically high standard.  

Compass Point Capital

Compass Point specializes in the sale of companies that are too large for a main street business broker, yet are too small for a larger M&A firm or investment bank. 

Compass Point adheres to their expert methodology to help you create a plan and then obsessively search for buyers.

They can guide you to a successful exit of your company.  

See their free eBook, valuation guide and other insightful resources.  


Document needs - SOLVED!  SYNRGO makes your life easier by offering a one-stop-shop for post-closing products and services in every U.S. county.

Whatever your closing unit needs, SYNRGO gets the job done the first time.

  • Over-the-counter recordings
  • Overnight delivery to recording jurisdictions
  • Same day pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Electronic recordings
  • Uninsured document recordings (accommodations, wilds, etc.)
  • Reduce your head count, court work pulls, copy request pulls, mail backs... DONE

They are more than just a recording platform. Services include cursory reviews and pre-checks of the documents prior to recording to reduce reject rates and help speedy recording confirmations.

Proximity Matters! SYNRGO has regional hubs in CA,  WA, TX & PA

U.S. Appraisals

A 3rd time renewal, since our inception!  Aaron, Brett, Rick and team are out there killing it in the marketplace.  That's what happens when you deliver on promises, every day.  I know for a fact they also treat their appraisers with the greatest of care, in professionalism and in fees.  I am guessing their payment speeds are, by far, best in the industry. (Smart!)

U.S. Appraisals is a great AMC to consider for a number of reasons.  I have been in their shop, viewed every aspect of their operation and came away more impressed than I could have imagined.  Coolest stuff:

  • They take care of the people
  • Awesome technology
  • Unbelievably responsive
  • and 'voicemail is evil' (don't let a call go to it!!)


Grateful, blessed and wishing you all the best as we weave thru this unprecedented environment.


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Thanks for reading.