Vendor Search Engine Enjoys 49% Traffic Growth

April 16, 2019 – We are thrilled to welcome new vendor partners Amrock and SYNRGO, Inc. to the search engine platform.  And both Credit Plus and United States Appraisals re-affirmed their partnership for another year as Premium vendors.

Quick Stats: Now in our 16th month since launching, we have 665 vendor listings spanning the end-to-end mortgage and credit union ecosystems. 2019-April 16 Welcome Site traffic has grown 49.4% since this time 6-months ago. Surf's UP!!

Analysis shows traffic growth is coming from these sources:

  • Advertising (Chrisman, Scotsman Guide and others)
  • Blog posts and industry articles to our 35,000 followers
  • Word of mouth – We are happy you like it enough to spread the word
  • Organic searching – Our SEO and site content is rapidly moving our 83 vendor categories high up on search engine results (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other) 

Here is a brief overview of the four vendor partners highlighted today:


Formerly known as Title Source, they rebranded to Amrock in February 2018.  Quite the incredible story, from their modest beginnings in 1997 as a small regional vendor with fewer than 40 members, Today, they are a formidable leader in the real estate FinTech industry, providing nationwide:

  • title
  • appraisal
  • closing services
We happen to know them well, and cannot say enough about Brian Hughes (President) and his team.  Looking for a partner that will 'stand and deliver?' Brian has a very capable and dedicated team ready to show you how it's done, executing via a potent mix of passionate people and continual investment in the best technology.  A tech company disguised as a real estate service provider.  If there is a better, smarter or more efficient way of doing it, this team is already looking at how to get there first.

Credit Plus

They return to Vendor Surf for a second year, delivering more than 160 products and services mortgage professionals need to make smart lending decisions and help their clients. Led by Steve Grant and Greg Holmes, we have watched them continually bring in top talent in key roles and are always driving innovation.  It's a recipe that certainly seems to be working, as we regularly hear from the industry how service-driven Credit Plus is.  They offer an extensive range of third-party verifications for every stage of the mortgage process – from pre-application to post closing. Credit Plus says the Intelligent Insight they provide helps mortgage professionals mitigate risk, stay compliant, and build their business.

Here is just a snapshot of some product offerings (not all-inclusive): Tri-merge reports; Undisclosed debt monitoring; Credit Radar; Rapid Rescore; FraudPlus; Verifications (employment, income, tax, etc.); Flood determinations; Lead Generation and more.


SYNRGO is your 'one stop shop' for real estate closing solutions.  They provide the real estate industry with nationwide recording services (OTC, accommodation, and e-recording), document retrieval, transportation, storage, QuickPrep, QuickCloze V2 and on-site recording specialists. SYNRGO is nationwide with 21 U.S. locations, working with over 3,100 paper jurisdictions and are able to cover more than 800 e-recording jurisdictions.

Karl Klessig has brought together these two companies (Document Processing Solutions, Inc. and SPL. Inc.) making it uniquely positioned to meet all the recording needs of the mortgage industry. Klessig has been dubbed “the father of eRecording” and is reported to be the first to offer such services to the banking industry.

United States Appraisals

Aaron Fowler (CEO) and team are back for another year on Vendor Surf.  A client of ours on multiple levels, we have gotten to dig deep into the inner workings of this AMC.  Incredibly impressive!  If you have not yet given them a hard look, it's time.  

They are relentless in their pursuit of employee and client focus, and they never seem to see a finish line in sight.  Neither employees nor clients leave them as a result.  And, Aaron and team constantly demonstrate a dedication to technology and innovation.  U.S. Appraisals has an extremely robust proprietary platform that is highly customizable to each unique client.  They also launched two solutions last year, including Valuation Express and Equity Xpress.  Most eye-popping to us... learning their technology team is almost the exact same size of the Operations team.  This from an AMC with over 100 clients!



You can quickly and effortlessly find these vendors and hundreds more on Vendor Surf.

Thanks for reading.


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