They Get It... The Power of a Search Engine

March 26, 2019 – We are proud to welcome another 10 superb vendor partners to our preeminent vendor search engine, representing some of the best and most reputable brands around.  In our conversations with these new partners and others, many mentioned the following reasons for promoting their products and services on Vendor Surf:

  • It is so efficient and effective for industry searchers.  Comprehensive and technology driven, with immediate on-screen results on initial due diligence
  • Knowing that we achieved over 100K page views in just 13-months – tremendous industry adoption
  • We are seen as the industry SMEs in the service provider space, a solution built by former practitioners on the lender and vendor side3-26-19 welcome
  • Steady stream of blogs and industry articles on value-added content

 Below is a summary of our newest vendor partners:


BankPoint will transform the way your bank works with increased productivity, reduced errors, and improved efficiency across every department. Imagine a single system that’s easy to use and puts everything at your fingertips — loans, deposits, customers, documents, pipeline loans, and more. BankPoint eliminates spreadsheets and other manual, error-prone processes by providing a single system for critical information such as risk ratings, collateral descriptions, appraisals, loan profiles, documents, and approval workflow. 


One of the more diverse and large vendor partners, heavily vested in multiple mortgage disciplines: 

  • Credit Risk Solutions – white label loan fulfillment, underwriting and due diligence services for mid-market lenders.
  • Property Solutions – comprehensive suite of valuation, title and asset management services for both commercial and residential markets.
  • Specialized Loan Servicing – an independent third-party mortgage servicer that provides customer centric care for borrowers and investors.
  • and the recent acquisition of LenderLive.

Compass Point Capital:

As advisors to the Lower Middle Market, they sell the largest of small businesses. Compass Point specializes in the sale of companies that are too large for a main street business broker, yet are too small for a larger M&A firm or investment bank. They create a marketing plan specific to your business, and execute that plan in an obsessive search for buyers. No two transactions are alike, but their over-riding concern is the interests of the client. They take into consideration every aspect of your interests and concerns including valuation, deal structure, tax, company culture, legal, management and employees.

RAV (and Docs on Demand):

Robertson Anschutz Vetters, LLC (RAV law firm) has performed services for mortgage lenders since 1993. RAV performs Document Preparation & Fulfillment Services, Document Legal Review Services, Default Legal Services (Texas and Oklahoma), and Regulatory Compliance Services. RAV performs Document Preparation & Fulfillment Services for mortgage lenders nationwide via their custom-built platform called Docs on Demand.

RAV also performs Regulatory Compliance Services including CFPB Rules, Policies and Manuals, Audit and Examination Preparation, Loan Originator Compensation, Fair Lending and Disparate Impact, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), Truth in Lending Act (TILA), Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA), and Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA).

EXACTUS Appraisal Management:

Technology + Expertise = Efficiency

Exactus focus's on keeping our clients compliant with all laws and regulations in an ever changing environment by hiring individuals with industry background and using the latest technology to make sure nothing gets missed. They promise:

  • a fast as possible response policy and will answer your calls and emails any day, any time.
  • every appraisal is reviewed by a licensed appraiser and will never have inexperienced employees using checklists to do reviews. 
  • to always respond to all requests the same day and don't leave our clients waiting around for responses.
  • on average our appraisers are within 18 miles of every property appraised and we are 5 business days from order date to completion, and reports are due to be submitted 48 hours from inspection date. 

focusIT & Pulse:

focusIT is the largest provider of CalyxPoint Hosted Service in the country and recently released a mortgage CRM software, called Pulse, built specifically for mortgage companies that use Point software, but need better reporting and management service. They also provide hosted office solutions such as Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, and focusIT is a certified Calyx® Software hosting partner (the first in the nation to achieve this status) and a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner and National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) member. As a SaaS provider, focusIT recognizes the importance of cloud computing to enable clients to flatten technology spending, stay current with hardware and software upgrades, and focus on growing their businesses rather than running their computer networks. 

My Mortgage Consultants:

MMC’s executive management team has on average more than 39 years of mortgage industry experience.  Consider them your 'Personal Concierge' to the mortgage service provider industry

  • Appraisal / Valuations
  • Business Consulting
  • Compliance Solutions
  • Collection & Inspection Services
  • Property Preservation & Management
  • REO Inspections
  • Tax Services
  • Title & Escrow (Residential & Commercial)

Property Pres Wizard:

PPW is a software product that provides companies with a web-based business management system and mobile application. Their software manages the flow of data throughout the supply chain. PPW is used by companies throughout the entire process, from the servicer to the field service technician. Their ability to meet the needs of the entire network has contributed to their success.

They offer a custom, easy to implement API for staying connected to your clients and your network of vendors. The suite of products offers solutions for everyone in the supply chain from the client, the field worker and everyone in between. 

Thanks for reading.