Happy VENDOR-tines Day; Love at First Surf

February 14, 2020 – (singing) Nobody does it better.  Makes me feel sad for the rest.  Nobody does it half as good as you.  Baby, you're the best. (Thank you Carly Simon, from 1977, from 'The Spy Who Loved Me')

A Poem – Ode to The Surf Who Loved Me

     Hey, we know you have plenty’o options for your sales and marketing spend.

It’s not always easy to get your brand in front of those companies who lend.

With so much hype, pomp and circumstance – who are you supposed to believe?

Your choices must deliver RFPs and ROI, the only hope for your boss’ reprieve.

Happy Vendor-tines Day

     Static directories, buyers guides, black books and lists… what value can they possibly add?

Our take – In today’s world, if it ain’t using tech to make it easy – it’s gotta be bad!

We all seem to search for absolutely everything in life – on Angie’s List, airbnb, Expedia and Yelp!

So, take a look at Vendor Surf, the only savvy sourcing solution giving searchers such help.


     Have cold calling, trade shows and word-of-mouth referrals been the strategy in your recent past?  

Make some room for Vendor Surf, the only solution giving searchers the ability to Find You Fast!

Unlike your other options, who’s sites are run by media, publishers and even a career trainer,

Vendor Surf being built and led by hard core vendor experts sure seems like a No Brainer!


     Procurement decisions are now typically made by large and disjointed sourcing committees.

You’d be very surprised to know how few ever go to conferences and events – unlikely attendees.

So, consider changing your thinking that numerous potential buyers may wander by your booth.

It’s akin to believing that a magical fairy will put $5 under your pillow for that recently lost tooth.


     Credibility. Influence. Reach. Technology.  Just a few of our most prominent value-props.

As vendors, you plant seeds much like a farmer – and we are here to fertilize your crops.

Who else do you see out there as ‘The Authority’ on the vendor marketplace in which we play?

And who else is sending you the love on this Happy VENDOR-tines Day?!?!


Lovin’ Those Vendors!!!


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