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February 11, 2020 – The vendor marketplace continues its ebb and flow nature.  Last month alone, we identified SIX merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions – incredibly active.  More to come, no doubt.  And you can always follow M&A news on Vendor Surf, as we dedicate a link to it, dating back more than 10-years.

Today we are excited to announce three new Premium vendor partners joining our sourcing platform revolution… still the only actual search engine in the industry.  They are: 2-11-20 Blog Welcome

  • Awesome Technologies Inc.
  • Fiserv
  • SupportLink3

We also extend a shout-out to the Gryphon Group, renewing for another year, serving the property preservation and REO asset management categories.

Awesome Technologies Inc. (ATI)

Led by Noor Punjwani, ATI is a prominent software solutions provider across 10 different vendor categories, serving banking and finance, as well as many other industries.  Some key services:

  • Custom development
  • Virtual LOS administration
  • LOS agnostic plug-ins
  • Implementation & integration expertise
  • Software consulting and more

Furthermore, ATI has the following flagship solutions:

Bullseye Metrics – Business Intelligence solution to help analyze your data, converting it into meaningful info, so you stay focused on growing your business

E-COM Employee Compensation & On-boarding Management – Accurate compensation calculation utility combined with workflow management for loan officers, branch managers, loan processors and more.

SWITCH ETL Data Warehouse – Extract, transform and upload data without any hassle.  We can pull data from all popular databases, including from APIs and different LOS systems, including Encompass, BytePro and LendingQB and more

ATI has a rich history of driving quality, efficiency, speed and cost savings for an impressive client list. (SOC2 compliant)


It’s been hard to stay quiet here.  Our Fiserv partner actually joined a few weeks back, but with so many offerings, building out their 12 unique vendor category listings was a heavy lift.  I thought I knew them fairly well until working to help build their listings.  Wow, end-to-end solutions for lenders, banks and credit unions of all sizes. 

For more than 25 years, Fiserv has provided industry-leading origination systems designed to increase consistency and reduce technology costs throughout each phase of the mortgage, home equity, consumer and business loan origination process. From POS to secondary marketing; from document and task tracking to automated underwriting; from application to processing; from closing to electronic document transmission and automated uploading to loan servicing systems, Fiserv solutions enable you to originate multiple type of loans – across multiple verticals and channels – with speed and efficiency.

From a fintech perspective, they have a strong line-up, including: (not all-inclusive)

  • Payment & remittance solutions
  • LOS’s (Mortgage Director, and Velocity)
  • LoanComplete™ – It combines advanced OCR with machine learning, easily modifiable business rules, robotic process automation, and the secure auditable exchange of data, imaged documents and natively electronic records
  • Secure Lending – A communication portal for document exchange with eSign options and electronic vault for lifecycle management of electronically signed documents
  • Many more solutions to deliver: Business Intelligence; Revenue Enhancement; Data & Info Management; Outputs; Analyze financial, market and client data (and more)

We are thrilled to showcase the vast set of competencies from Fiserv, whom by the way, operates in over 100 countries and manages millions of daily transactions.


While a newcomer in company name, the executives are hardly new on the scene, bringing over 100 years of experience.  Two of the Principals, Ed Abufaris and Bill Wooten, are quite well-known as being long-time practitioners in the industry.

Ed and Bill have joined forces to offer strategic and tactical expertise across the mortgage ecosystem, from Boardroom and C-Suite to production level advisory services.  Specialties include:

  • Executive Support & Strategy Reviews
  • Technology
  • Marketing / Sales / Promotion
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Executive Search
  • Warehousing

Secure their help to improve sales, speed, quality, service, C-sat results and/or margins… Originations | Servicing | Default | Secondary Markets | Credit Unions

Chances are, you will not encounter a situation these guys have not already conquered at some point in their illustrious careers.  The Principals also possess the benefit of being very well connected across the vendor marketplace and can offer sage advice on which vendors to consider based upon your unique needs.

In Summary

These three new Premium partners, and the renewal of the Gryphon Group, account for a whopping 29 vendor listings, with Vendor Surf now registering over 800 in total.

Check them out, but do so on YOUR TERMS!  Find the specific vendor category you need, then use the search filters to the right of the screen to instantly narrow down your targeted choices – results on-screen and in real time.  Nothing else compares!

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