Vendor Adds & Renewals - Spanning End-to-End Mortgage

Feb 7, 2019 - We are excited to welcome more new service providers to Vendor Surf, each with very robust and diverse offerings.  Also giving thanks herein to four annual renewal vendor partners.

It seems our passion and hard work continues to drive interest from industry searchers and the prospective vendors they seek.  We just surpassed the 100,000 pageviews milestone in just over 13 months, and we have seen a major uptick in requests for demos.  2019-2-7 WelcomeVendors continue to join at a healthy pace, as they understand the value of a search engine over other options out there like static directories, buyers guides, black books and generic Google searches.

Here is a look at some of the great service providers you will find on Vendor Surf.  


MortgageHippo is a digital lending platform (POS) offering a comprehensive suite of web and mobile-ready products white-labeled for mortgage lenders. The solution allows lenders to give it their own brand's look and feel, deliver an intuitive and efficient borrower experience and reduce origination costs. MortgageHippo’s platform is fully customizable to lender preferences and configurable to lender workflows and processes.  Other notables:

  • Maximize conversions through multiple origination channels
  • Integrated with leading LOSs, PPEs, CRMs, credit and disclosure vendors
  • Day 1 Certainty ready with integrations with accredited vendors
  • SOC 2 certified
  • Quick setup and deployment

Last word on MortgageHippo – Gotta love it when the first 'specialty' referenced on LinkedIn is 'customer happiness' 

Property Registration Services (PRS)

Primary Focus: Default / Vacant / REO Property Registration & Technology

I got quite the education when we signed PRS.  I was stunned at the complexity of ordinance rules required of property owners.  Thankfully, PRS understands the problems and required outcomes, leveraging highly refined processes and technology to deliver results.  Leave it to these experts to determine each property's obligation to register (OTR), which is apparently very unique and different by municipality.  Making things harder, zip codes often overlap within multiple jurisdictional areas. This means you may register a property when you're not obligated to, or fail to comply when OTR exists.  Each mistake is time-consuming and costly.  

Advice – If you are trying to manage this without an experienced vendor partner like PRS, maybe re-think it.  A trend we always see across the industry in times like these where volumes are down, companies often retrench and 'get back to the basics,' sticking to their core competencies and engaging specialty third-parties on non-core competencies.  This sure seems like one of those processes to evaluate your options.

You can query one property at a time, or in bulk, getting results in just seconds.  Do you have people monitoring changes to jurisdictional ordinances?  PRS does!  

2019 RENEWALS on Vendor Surf

We are also honored to announce that the following partners have signed up for another year:

AFR Wholesale

  • Mortgage Loan Fulfillment & Components
  • Supported by excellent technology and training
  • Check out their Lendersoft technology
  • And congrats to Bill Packer, EVP & COO, named last month as the MBA's new chairman of its Residential Technology Forum (RESTECH)

Agility 360

Cesar Hernandez and team continue to expand and deliver:

  • Staffing, Recruiting & Executive Search 
  • Out-tasking & Outsourcing 
  • Advisory, Market Intelligence & Strategic Planning Loan Reviews, Due Diligence and more

Professional Notary Services, Inc.(PNS)

  • A shout out to Marcy Tiberio and team.  Always out there 'slogging it' at all the industry events, and very active on social media  
  • Not your ordinary notary service – PNS services the entire country, and they also offer:
    • contract paralegal services to attorneys
    • contract closing services to banks, mortgage companies and title companies
  • Anywhere and anytime you choose, PNS notaries will be there

TENA Companies Inc.

A great partner for:

  • Pre Funding, Post Closing and Servicing QC services
  • TENA also licenses its SecondLook audit software for firms that keep QC in-house
  • SSAE‐16/SOC 2 Compliant 

TENA has been around for over 35-years, amassing a client base of more than 1,000 lenders and servicers. Talk about flexibility...

  • Select from a full menu of QC capabilities  audit services, software, consulting, training, and more...without a constraining long‐term contract.

Thanks for reading, we appreciate it

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