Perfect Purchase Partners for your Procurement Pleasure

Jul. 18, 2018 – 

Today we welcome two exceptional vendor partners to Vendor Surf.

mortgage loan pre-approval conversion rate

Each of these vendor partners have one thing in common - they are poised to help you take advantage of the purchase market.

Commonwealth (CWUSA) is not your average title company.  Based in Pittsburgh, PA, CWUSA is fully digital (uber-efficient, high quality) and was built to be a centralized purchase transaction platform, a rarity in our industry, with most national title vendors are highly leveraged on refi volume.  We have actually been on-site to visit them to see if there was substance equal to the hype we kept hearing about.  RESULT - Extremely impressive!  We met with owners, the Chief Technology Officer and department heads.  CWUSA knows how to run a national title shop.  They walk the talk.

HomeBuyer Connections (HBC) is a very innovative solution keeping ALL key stakeholders in the purchase transaction on the same page and constantly moving in the desired direction, with full transparency and continual communication.

When you engage with HBC as your purchase partner (for FREE), your can sit back and let their "Purchase Advocate" keep everyone working together as one integrated team, towards a faster close. Their “No Steering Policy" should result to a 3-to-5 fold increase in your conversion rate, and more time for your loan officers to build their pipelines.  HBC has contracted with realtors nationwide to deliver purchase leads to them, in exchange for a contractual promise not to steer home buyers to other lenders.  So, stop settling for your purchase pre-approval borrowers converting only 12% (or less) of the time.

Here is an innovative thought - how about bundling these two vendor partners together on all your purchase transactions?!?!


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