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June 23, 2021 —Today we proudly announce two sensational additions to the Vendor Surf search engine platform. Enjoying our fourth year of operations, and boasting nearly 800 vendor listings across 65 categories, the following two new additions alone account for 13 new listings. They are:

  • Mission Global
  • Vaultedge

Mission Global & VaultedgeLenders, servicers and secondary markets participants take notice of the sweeping range of innovation, technology and services from these two.  Their clients are raving fans – find out why.

Mission Global

Mission Global is a single source solution for institutional clients buying, selling, managing and servicing loans. They were formed by combining Mission Capital’s mortgage services business unit with Global Financial Review. THE RESULT – Clients no longer need to search for disparate services from different firms. In a world where the regulatory and compliance costs for vendor oversight are unprecedented (and rising), clients often think ‘bigger is better,’ engaging such multi-line vendors – fewer to manage and audit. Vendors like Mission Global loom large in this environment.

Mission Global assembles their vast product, service and technology offerings into a cohesive menu of client options. This has served them exceptionally well, helping to secure:

  • Over 200 clients (many of the industry’s top-tier brands)
  • Over $150 Billion in transaction volume

Adding to an already robust value proposition, Mission Global was acquired by Marcus & Millichap in November 2020.  In business since 1971, Marcus & Millichap closes more transactions than any other brokerage firm in the U.S., with 2,000 investment sales and capital markets professionals located in over 80 offices across North America.  Marcus & Millichap is a New York Stock Exchange-listed company with a market cap of approximately $1.57B.

The combined companies deliver deep capital markets expertise, market intelligence and extensive research to its clients. They can now share this access to transactions, capital sources, research, technology and more – with you.

A Blog Writer’s Observation: Mission Capital and Mission Global have kept their names, brands and respective identities. To me, it is an affirmation of two significant points:

  1. There are no egos at play here. The focus is on delivering exceptional solutions and results
  2. Mission Capital and Mission Global’s reputation in the marketplace is stellar. Marcus & Millichap has recognized this and are leaving a great thing alone

Lastly, Vendor Surf almost never adds new vendor categories, yet we added three for Mission Global, a testament to their uniqueness. Check them out for a full suite of capital markets solutions, asset sales, diligence, consulting and document curative services.


Loan origination and boarding has largely been a manual and paper intensive process. At each step, lenders, servicers and post-close teams have to ingest bulk documents in non-standardized formats (paper, scanned image, PDF, data feeds) and instantly analyze them. This is cumbersome, error prone and highly cost prohibitive.

Vaultedge automates such document processing activities so that lenders and servicers can close and board loans faster – saving up to 80% of manual processing time.

Vaultedge Mortgage Automation (VMA) is an AI powered document processing software that automates:

  1. Mortgage document classification and indexing; Splits loan packages into individual documents and indexes them by type, such as: 1003, Loan Estimate, Closing Disclosure, Deed, etc. These are then checked against a dynamic checklist to identify missing documents – for users to take necessary action.
  2. Data extraction; The software can automatically extract more than 2,000 data points from the mortgage file containing both structured and unstructured data. It assigns a confidence score and a label (color code) to indicate if any data field needs user review. Users can review these highlighted data points by simply clicking on the extracted value to cross check the error.
  3. Data validation - Vaultedge provides an easy-to-use user interface that lets the users verify indexed documents and rearrange misplaced pages with the click of a button.

Vaultedge automatically classifies more than 500+ documents, extracts 2,000+ fields and identifies exceptions so that users can only focus on handling the exceptions.  Companies like Ocwen-PHH and BSI Financial use this intelligent automation software to auto-process millions of documents every day.

Our Take on Vaultedge:

  • Incredibly intuitive software without need for extensive training. New user onboarding in just under an hour
  • No ‘heavy lift’ integration for you. Seamless LOS and servicing platform integrations, like Ellie Mae Encompass, Black Knight Empower (and MSP), Wipro NetOxygen and more
  • Plug and play solution that can be used in production in less than 2-weeks


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