Mortgage Vendor Search Engine Adds More Vendor Partners

May 15, 2019 –  People on the BUY side and SELL side of the mortgage and credit union ecosystems continue to join the ranks of our vendor search engine.  We are enjoying 49% growth in site traffic from just six months ago, May 15 Welcome Appraisal CRM Doc Prep Insurance Compliance and we have just added five new vendor partners and yet another annual renewal.  


Let's Quickly Review These Partners: (alphabetically)

AXIS Appraisal Management Solutions Inc.

What immediately jumps off the page is the sheer number of integrations they have with 17 LOS' and middleware/gateway vendors.  AXIS is clearly focused on being 'easy to do business with' via this investment in connectivity across the industry. 

With national coverage, AXIS says the they can guarantee a local, highly qualified appraiser for every assignment - referred to as the 'AXIS Advantage.'  Of particular note, AXIS was founded by a combo of a former lender professional and a leader from a top-tier AMC, and they now serve some of the largest banks and most sophisticated mortgage brokers in the industry.

Bankers Insurance Service

Leading the way in Fidelity Bond and E&O insurance since 1952, 'BIS' is not just satisfied with keeping up with the pace of change in this industry, they generally take a lead role in driving it.  They are the leading provider of insurance for mortgage lending operations in the U.S., and the only provider endorsed by the MBA for Fidelity Bond and Mortgagee’s E&O insurance.

Grow your business with easy access to 400+ custom insurance programs, knowledgeable underwriters and rapid turn times.  BIS is an approved coverholder at Lloyd's, underwriting risks on behalf of Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's of London.  Check out their ability to repay (ATR) product.

Black , Mann & Graham L.L.P.

Serving the industry for nearly 20-years now, we are thrilled that BM&G has renewed for another year on Vendor Surf.  They have a broad set of clients, including bankers, brokers, thrifts and credit unions, knowing that no two clients are alike, delivering against a myriad of unique expectations.  

BM&G has prepared over one million residential mortgage document packages to date, whereby lenders use BM&G capabilities to meet Texas ‘practice of law’ requirements, as well as drawing compliant doc packages nationwide. 

Continuity Programs

This mortgage CRM platform touts simplicity and results, where campaigns have consistently proven to drive referrals and repeat business, generate exclusive leads, increase customer retention, boost cross-selling and much more.  Fully integrated with the most powerful multi-year marketing campaigns, MyCRMDashboard allows you to follow-up with clients and contacts effortlessly.  They have some very impressive customer satisfaction and email open rates.

Since 1973, Continuity Programs has helped over 10,000 companies grow and 200,000 sales professionals earn a living.  The streamlined online reputation management and executive reporting help improve the customer experience. 

Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services

Talk about heritage and being a pioneer, Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services was the first Appraisal Management Company (AMC) to be licensed in the country.  In addition, they offer title insurance and 4506T IRS verifications.

With a very robust product/service offering in residential and commercial, Nationwide is also clearly focused on delivering against regulatory and compliance requirements – always a comfort to clients.  As a former Head of Vendor Management at a Top-4 lender, this I know.   

We are very proud to partner with a company giving so much back to the community.  What an incredible track record of giving and doing good for others.  Kudos to Nationwide!

TRISERV Appraisal Management Solutions

This AMC uses its own in-house proprietary platform and builds a business around you, from product to workflow and dedicated service teams.  And they also have a bi-coastal presence... hitting the point home that in valuations, proximity matters at every level, especially individual order assignments.  Expect local appraisers that are extremely familiar with the area.  

Most impressive is their overt attitude towards their appraisers, the 'backbone' of their business.  It is clear that TRISERV appraisers are at the center of the universe, no doubt paying off in countless ways for this AMC.   

Other Notables: Compliant with warranty certificate on each report; Secure web-based platform; Simple to integrate into an existing LOS work-flow, easy to use and allows our customers 24/7 ACCESS right at their fingertips.  



We are fortunate to be able to showcase this great cross-section of the vendor marketplace.  Check them out for yourselves, among the other 700+ individual vendor listings on Vendor Surf

Thanks for reading.