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May 22, 2019  – We are proud to announce a 'publishing arrangement' with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA).  They have agreed to publish at least one news article per month on our series of articles titled, 'Mortgage Vendor News & Views.'MBA Insights mortgage vendor news & views

Check out the inaugural edition from the MBA Insights publication from Monday, May 20, 2019.  They have more than 50,000 current subscribers.  The article can be found HERE.  In it, we review:

  • Altisource's divestiture of two business units; They still have an incredible set of brands to envy 
  • Increased activity in captive vendors; There is a resurgence in lenders buying vendors or forming joint ventures.  Title insurance agencies are a prominent example, but not limited to that vendor type alone 
  • Some products and platforms addressing the growing home equity market; With an estimated $6B+ in untapped home equity, there is a lot of maneuvering on the lender and vendor side to take advantage

If not yet a subscriber to the MBA Insights or their other informative published content, you can subscribe HERE. (highly recommended)

Our recurring article, Mortgage Vendor News & Views, is designed to report on key industry happenings and announcements, and then we also supply our own thoughts and perspectives on that news.  Nobody monitors and reports on the mortgage and credit union vendor marketplace like we do, providing participants what they need to excel in today's market.  We have personally sourced over $4B in vendor services and have consulted on 'all things vendor' for the industry's most recognized brands for over 7-years.

Lastly, we love hearing what's on the minds of industry participants.  Should you have any suggestions on topics to write about, we are ALL EARS - as they say.  We make no promises on our actions, but we will certainly entertain your ideas.

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