New Year — New Vendor Options to Celebrate a BOOMing 2021

January 7, 2021  — Happy to announce we celebrated our third anniversary last month, ending the year with records all across the board…

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1-7-21 welcome Title and RESPA solutions

We want to welcome the following vendor partners:

Corporate Settlement Solutions

CSS started as a local title agency in northwest Michigan in 1992. The growth fostered expansion in 2011 into a regional settlement provider offering a full range of

  • Title & Recording Products
  • Closing
  • Valuation
  • Flood

Ask about their Home Equity title and valuations products, turn-times and warranties in some cases

They have never gotten out ‘over their skis,’ trying to be too much to too many. They are extremely confident in who they are and what we can do for you. Frankly, they don’t aspire to be the ‘industry superstar.’ However, they do want to be the best vendor partner you have ever had.

Reach out today – let them discuss the many ways we make that possible!

MLinc Solutions

Your experts on Affiliated Business Agreements (ABAs), Marketing Services Agreements (MSAs), Web Site Advertising, Office Subleases, Sponsored Events and other Custom Services relationships.

MLinc helps you structure RESPA-attentive strategic relationships and services agreements between residential settlement providers to improve productivity, reduce risk and enhance customer experience. The Company provides consulting, tools and templates to evaluate, sell and set up these important relationships.

Flagship Products:

  • ComplyMSA™
  • ComplyWSA™
  • ComplyOffice™
  • ComplyEvents™
  • CollaboRATE™

True Concept Title Company

True Concept Title maintains a high quality and compliant line of title and escrow services nationwide. Simply put, they meet the needs of your business, enabling you to expand and grow your client relationships. Even when you have customers utilizing title and escrow services in multiple states or areas, True Concept Title can help.

  • Title & Escrow Services
  • Mortgage Processing
  • Closing & Signing Services
  • Document Preparation

As a national provider of a full range of services, True Concept Title is constantly seeking out the most innovative products and services, delivered to you in the most efficient way possible. They are committed to developing a customized client service model unique to YOUR business needs. This is the foundation of their success and the primary reason for our continued expansion.

Our Summary

Each of these vendor partners were born out of identifying specific marketplace needs, building and perfecting solutions that satisfy, and leveraging that entrepreneurial mentality to continually repeat the process to deliver more value and growth… Good old fashioned perseverance, passion and hard work. Our favorite kind of success!


Thanks for reading.



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