WEBINAR: How to Stay Compliant — Marketing Services Agreements (MSAs)

October 14, 2020 — Fact is, we don't sponsor many webinars.  This one is a noteworthy exception, especially with the recent CFPB update on Marketing Services Agreements (MSAs).

AcuAuditor is an automated software solution, making compliance easier than ever before, with no heavy lift by you, no matter how many agreements you have.  A solution for ALL sized lender.

AcuAuditor - automated MSA compliance

MSAs have proven too valuable to just set them aside

30- Minute RECORDED Webinar: (with a Q&A at end)

How to Stay Compliant with Marketing Services Agreements (MSAs)

WHEN:  Available now, on demand

WHERE: Register HERE

The CFPB has issued new guidance on the compliance and use of MSAs. This webinar will provide an overview of this guidance and help you understand how to create, use, and manage MSAs – in a compliant manner.

MSAs have been a tremendous success for some, while nightmare for others. The differentiator – COMPLIANCE. When executed properly, MSA can be a great addition to your marketing programs and generate substantial business.  

Listen to this webinar to find out the essential guidelines for success and compliance, and a one-of-a-kind automated software platform to ensure compliance. 


  • Michael J. Wallace, Esq., President of AcuClix (featuring AcuAuditor)
  • Felecia Bowers, CRCM, Compliance Manager at Homeowners Financial Group

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