Loan Officers — High Visibility LOW Effort; Set It & Forget It

September 1, 2020 — While 2020 has been odd and unpredictable on many levels, we continue to see a steady flow of vendors and tools that help overcome some pain points.  To borrow from the legendary Ronco inventor and marketer, Ron Popiel... 'Set it and forget it!'  

9-1-20 welcome Loan Officer Social - plus

Today we welcome Think Big Work Small, Inc., and their two innovative solutions (LO SocialBot and Rate Alert), and we also give big shout-out to ACT Appraisal, renewing for another year on the Vendor Surf platform.

LO SocialBot & Rate Alert

Loan Officers, buckle up for the ride. Social media marketing for you busy MLOs.  Unbelievably easy.

LO SocialBot:

Social media content and tools that will make you a social media success with ZERO EFFORT.  It has never been more SIMPLE to expand your reach and visibility, continually delivering relevant content to your prospects and realtors. Right Time. Right Place. Right Messages.

Already waiting for you...

  • Custom branded mortgage and real estate videos
  • Custom branded loan officer blogs that update as you post
  • Schedule your postings once and LO SocialBot will do the rest
  • Leverage the library of content to post relevant and credible info
  • Lead/Sales pages that compel visitors to provide their contact information
  • Personally branded eBooks that promote action

You read that right

  1. You receive awesome content that your target base will love
  2. It gets auto-posted to your social media
  3. You do... well, almost nothing

Rate AlertLive MBS Alerts!

Instant access to live MBS alerts and comprehensive dashboards in your hands — on the device of your choice.

Breaking news on what's driving rates

  • Alerts tied to the Lock Desk
  • Know when the MBS market has moved enough to affect rates
  • Get the economic events behind what moves the markets

Plus, lock advice from two full time Bond Analysts.

The only pre-lock CRM - - Be TRUSTED, not shopped

  • Push consumer facing content alerts to your clients and referral agents so they see what's moving the market; Direction of rates, and WHY
  • Avoid being falsely accused of 'bait and switch' tactics; Help your audience stay in the know

The kind of data and news that will keep visitors coming back to your website (and leads database).

ACT Appraisal

Honored to be entrusted to support this great brand for another year.  Bryan Franks and team have a determined focus on all the things you require from a top performing nationwide AMC:

  • Commitment to clients and service
  • Ongoing investments in technology
  • Eliminating compliance challenges
  • Efficiency and accuracy driven workflows

This backbone is also supported by never wavering from the basic 'blocking and tackling' demanded by the process, including:

  • In-house QC comprised exclusively of licensed appraisers
  • Every single appraisal gets a manual review

Simply stated, ACT Appraisal is easy to do business with, from initial integration through order receipt and final delivery.  Should you have questions at any point, count on industry best response times.  

These are the reasons why ACT Appraisal has a 20+ year record of success.


This low rate feeding frenzy won't last forever.  Your strategy and execution will need to shift.  Be sure to continually evaluate your stable of vendors and make sure you have thoroughbreds and not donkeys in disguise.  The vendors highlighted here are highly specialized, delivering tools and services to make you better, faster and stronger no matter the environment.  


Thanks for reading.


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