MISMO's RON Certification - What You Need to Know

September 16, 2020 — We recently sat down with Jonathan Kearns at MISMO to learn more about two things:

  1. Their new Remote Online Notarization Certification program
  2. MISMO's evolution to go beyond just a 'data' standardization entity

MISMO RON Certification

You can find the full Q&A style article HERE, published by our friends at the MBA NewsLink


What you will find in the article.

  • When the certification program was launched
  • How many vendor are now certified, and how many in process — and which specific vendors are participating
  • A link to the actual standards
  • Who was engaged in developing the details of the certification program (it was not just MISMO)
  • How to seek out the process to become certified
  • The advantages of using a certified vendor

Lastly, we wanted to know more about MISMO's deliberate effort to no longer be just a data standards organization, but now evolving into operational business standards and certification entity.  Kearns discusses this too.


In reading the full article, you will find that MISMO has 'upped its game' by taking a lead role during these very tumultuous times.  Great to see!


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