Millennials – Critical to Vendors, Too (our article today in MPA)

Jun. 19, 2018 – 

A special THANKS to our friends at Mortgage Professional America (MPA) for publishing our news article today (found HERE) on how much of the industry is overlooking a tremendous opportunity to view the Millennial generation from a much different perspective.

Millennials are not just a "lender thing" - -  They loom large in the vendor arena too!

mortgage vendor sourcing millennials

Millennials are big influencers and buyers of vendor services and solutions, far more than just a huge pool of home buyers.  If you are in sales and marketing and your client prospects are mortgage banks or credit unions, it's time to target this highly unique segment.  If you have any hopes in getting discovered by Millennials as they perform research, due diligence and vendor sourcing, you need to better understand what drives and influences them, and you need a much different approach.  You don't "just sell" to Millennials.  You must first earn a following via producing insightful and useful industry content, via blogs, articles, webinars and similar.

While we did not build Vendor Surf with Millennials exclusively in mind, they were a huge factor in our design, functionality and content.  Two examples:

  • Calendarized industry events, webinars, education and training opportunities.  This generation craves information, especially that which is knowledge based.  There is not a more robust and consolidated listing of industry events anywhere.
  • Vendor Surf solves major pain points for Millennials, and everyone.  It is clean, non-cluttered and a highly efficient method of discovering the exact kind of vendor sought - in real-time and just takes minutes.

In a way, when it comes to vendor sourcing, the "Millennial Mantra" might just be, "Lure me in with consistently good and useful content on desirable topics, regularly educating me along the way, and I may become a forever follower - - and likely buyer, if you solve my needs."

Check out the article on MPA to learn some intriguing stuff.  It should do just what I professed in the paragraph above.  Happy reading!