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January 29, 2020 – Just coming down from the HIGH associated with being David Lykken's 'Hot Topic's' guest on Monday's 'Lykken on Lending' weekly podcast.  LISTEN HERE.  What I'd give to have a fraction of his energy... 

Today we welcome three new Premium partners, and two renewing on our search engine platform for another year:1-29-20 Welcome

  • Theoris Software (creator of AppraisalVision)
  • Clear Capital
  • HomeBinder
  • Renewing are:

             TENA Companies

             Robertson Anschutz Vetters (& Docs on Demand)

Theoris Software (creator of AppraisalVision)

We have yet to see any other vendor platform make such effective use of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML).  AppraisalVision helps lenders optimize order placement to AMCs and helps the AMCs optimize assignments to appraisers.

This optimization explodes the order assignment dimensions from a ‘traditional handful’ (e.g. turn-time, quality, cost, etc.) to MANY more.  Similar to a credit score, AppraisalVision’s ML algorithm, called the AQPM score, takes into consideration over 16 independent and unique variables, such as: (not all-inclusive)

  • Loan type, as well as property type
  • Turn time based upon market average
  • Saturation (appraiser)
  • Quality (% of Revisions), plus Revision turn-times
  • CU score (assigned by Fannie Mae)
  • Third party property and valuation data

Beyond the obvious benefits of improved quality and turn-times, this solution also offers analytics-driven vendor management and reporting components.  You can manage vendor quality, performance and compliance reporting in real time.  Speaking of compliance, you can manage fees for AMCs and appraisers down to a county, loan level and form type, ensuring accurate disclosure on the loan estimate, as well as generate robust compliance reports surrounding your method of appraiser selection.

CEO, Jim Cutillo, and team have delivered a GEM, and it’s not a ‘diamond in the rough.’ (Ain’t nothing rough about AppraisalVision!  SMOOTH, very smooth.) 

Clear Capital

Many know them as an appraisal management company (AMC).  While it’s true, they are one of the finest AMC’s around, Clear Capital continues to morph into so much more, especially in next-gen data and analytics proficiency.  A few examples:

  • ClearProp – A revolutionary property analysis tool with nationwide coverage that enables quick geographic competency from wherever you are
  • ClearQC: Intelligent Automated Review – Designed to provide accuracy and adherence to specific underwriting guidelines and industry compliance in the loan decision process
  • Complexity Score: Identify Collateral Risk Earlier – Solve for cost, time and compliance needs, especially on atypical properties. Enable quick and decisive action
  • Home Data Index (HDI): Current Block-Level Market Trends – Drawing on proven data models, HDI can calculate home price trends from any effective date, providing you with more insight and clarity for each transaction

Lastly, Clear Capital has a very tech savvy and user-friendly Appraisal Management System


  • Incredibly easy API integrations. Connect with API, open your browser, and get started with a streamlined experience
  • Manage order allocations on-the-fly
  • Put an order in the hands of your staff panel, a fee panel, an AMC or into a bifurcated workflow
  • Powerful, automated valuation review; Automate QC policies and workflows
  • Generous customization abilities to tailor needs to GSE risk scores, risk tolerance, etc.


Talk about a COOL and highly-useful solution for all homeowners, but especially Millennials, HomeBinder delivers a virtual “3-ring digital binder” for complete home management.  You closed the loan, now let technology take over!

Lenders and realtors, you should seriously consider this unique solution… Why?

  • Retain the client, long after the loan – Don’t be forgotten by borrowers post-closing
  • Past clients should be among your BEST lead sources, versus paying for new leads with potentially low conversion rates
  • Stay in front of your past clients at targeted / triggered intervals and events. More repeat and referral business
  • Loan Officers: Co-brand with realtor referral partners, giving even more reasons to partner with you

Key features also remind homeowners to contact you for:

  • Home Equity Loans
  • Refinancing
  • New Loans (vacation home, other cross-sell products, etc.)

Help homeowners take action on their largest asset, room-by-room. Some examples: (not all-inclusive)

  • Maintenance reminders to prevent emergency repairs
  • Contractors previously used, work completed (paint colors/codes used, make/model of roof shingles or siding, etc.)
  • Appliance recall notices
  • Log home’s inventory (for insurance claims)
  • Digital document storage; Store important home docs like the disclosures, closing package, inspection report and receipts so that they're always available
  • Referred service providers; HomeBinder leverages your local trusted network to connect you with referred local home pros to complete maintenance and projects

Three-Peat Renewals (Third year with us!)

A big shout-out to two of our ‘forever clients,’ having been listed on Vendor Surf since inception in late 2017.  Anyone who knows us well understands that we stand for (and adore) hard work, passion and loyalty.  These two clients embody such attributes.  We hope you will check them out and find opportunities to engage them, as they will protect and enhance your brand(s).


Since its founding in 1982, TENA has been at the forefront in providing comprehensive QC audit services to the mortgage industry. TENA was first to provide a suite of reliable, cost-effective and comprehensive QC audit solutions developed specifically for mortgage lenders. TENA also licenses its SecondLook audit software for firms that keep QC in-house.

Robertson Anschutz Vetters (and Docs on Demand)

RAV has performed services for mortgage lenders since 1993, including:

  • Nationwide Doc Prep & Fulfillment Services 
  • Document Legal Review Services
  • Default Legal Services (Texas and Oklahoma)
  • Regulatory Compliance Services

RAV is also creator of Docs on Demand (DOD), an all-in-one mortgage loan closing doc prep and smart compliance software.  (Disclosure: I am a former client of RAV & DOD services, which is also why I am a raving fan!)


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