The Post Refi Boom Shift to Digitization in Mortgage

August 25, 2022 What is 'support automation?'  The answer is not so simple or evident  making it a great question.

I recently had the honor of being a guest on Capacity's Episode 33 of The Support Automation Show, a wildly popular podcast hosted by Justin Schmidt, VP of Marketing at Capacity The primary theme of the discussion is the impact of the end of the historic Refi Boom on the vendor marketplace, especially the digitization efforts.  Simply stated, now that lender pipelines are no longer bulging at the seams, we are seeing increased investment in automation spend.

The Post Refi Boom Shift in Focus to Digital Transformation (Episode 33)

Capacity podcast - support automation

Leaders I have spoken to view automation investment as an imperative, generally with three major objectives:

  1. Productivity gains and cost reduction
  2. Service level improvements
  3. Competitive leverage and differentiation

Lenders are not the only segment taking action on digitization, as vendors face similar challenges.  While many of the clients we consult are lenders of all sizes, we have always had a steady stream of vendors seeking to understand the technology and services driving the industry.


  • Refi Boom 'feeding frenzy' has ended, organizations must be proactive to impact top line and bottom line results
  • Many vendors got the 'hand in the face' during Refi Boom, though much of that has subsided; Capacity defied this hurdle, producing incredible growth during this period
  • Parallels - opportunities from within the mortgage industry across numerous industries
  • The challenges in getting IT deployment priority when not Legal, Regulatory or Compliance driven
  • What to look for in tech vendors 
  • The future of support automation in mortgage



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