New Technology for Enterprise and Loan Officer Pipeline Building

April 20, 2022 — With the feeding frenzy of the Refi Boom just ended, where even mediocre mortgage lenders had years of overflowing pipelines, the market has flipped.  The meal train has left the station, leaving chronic indigestion behind.  The Fed’s actions and future rate increase projections have confirmed lenders must now go on the offensive – proactive actions to drive volume.  (See link to the full article below)

Traditionally, when this market flip occurs, intense pressure is bestowed upon lender sales and marketing teams.  Everyone looks for them to become the ‘rainmakers.’  Pressures are often proportionate to the size of the lender, because few big banks invest in local purchase market referral relationships year-round.  There is a fresh new approach to supplement the lender playbook, both at the enterprise and loan officer (LO) level.


Adwerx better funnel


Marketing teams have long been perfecting their trade and tools.  Simply put, there are not many new whistles and bells.  However, there is substantial opportunity in advertising technology.  


We recently discovered Adwerx (, the only enterprise grade software able to humanize marketing at scale, providing automated digital advertising for over 500 enterprises with over 400,000 individual users.  They specialize in providing personalized advertising for distributed sales teams across real estate, wealth management, financial services – and now mortgage.

See the complete article just published (HERE) within the MBA NewsLink to learn how the Adwerx platform:

  • has already signed 28% of Scotsman Guide’s Top 25 originator enterprises 
  • humanizes ads down to a salesperson level, much like marketing has done for years
  • provides corporate control and compliance, while also leveraging the same efficiency and effectiveness for individual LOs 
  • drives brand visibility and growth through automation that boosts productivity and reduces turnover
  • is a logical compliment to existing CRM systems

You know you are on to something GREAT when highly sought-after LOs require the Adwerx platform as part of the recruitment process. 

A primary concept, discussed by Adwerx CEO Jed Carlson, is that people buy from people you would not publish a salesperson email without personalization, so why do that with your advertising?  



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