Task Automation, Digital Transformation, SOC and Outsourcing

August 6, 2019 – Today we welcome FOUR more great service providers covering a multitude of diverse vendor services, including:

  • Lodasoft
  • Pristine Title Services
  • Strategic National Title Group
  • Sutherland Mortgage Services

Ever wonder why every other commercial on TV is about a search engine? 2019-Aug6 (next) Welcome  It's because THEY WORK and they make finding what you are looking for FAST and SIMPLE.  That's exactly why we built Vendor Surf, the first and most robust in our industry... the reason why we have had more than 150,000 page views to date.  We have digitized the vendor sourcing / procurement process.  What used to take days (or weeks) on initial due diligence to identify potential vendor partners can now be done in just minutes – just as fast as you can choose your search filters.

Here is a summary of our four new vendor partners poised to make your business stronger:


Lodasoft is a mortgage task automation software designed by mortgage veterans to enhance productivity and quality. Their business process management solutions have been tailored specifically for this complex industry. They have been on your side of the fence, and they understand the day-to-day frustrations involved in each phase of the mortgage process. If you are looking for a solution that will organize, automate workflow, increase productivity and make you and your team more efficient, consider Lodasoft.

With Lodasoft, there’s no need for major technological change. Lodasoft runs alongside your current enterprise systems, including your LOS and document repository.  Configure the system to do what you want, when you want and how you want it.

Pristine Title Services

PTS is an industry leader in business process outsourcing (BPO), a seamless extension of your existing team, specializing in title, settlement and lender services.  With a unique blend of experience, domain experts and technology, PTS is committed to help clients achieve lower operational costs, enhance scalability and improve performance through a combination of consulting, process solutions and flexible business modules.

Their proprietary software "PropR" provides you with exclusive services not provided by offline vendor managers.

Strategic National Title Group

SNTG is a full service Title and Escrow Company specializing in processing and processing and closing refinance, conventional purchase, HELOC, Commercial, Reverse, short sale, and foreclosure transactions, as well as 1031 exchanges.  They have an impressive arrangement of technology components, leveraging internal systems, SOC certification, as well as some of the industry's most highly touted security related solutions for peace of mind.  

For those of you that follow our Vendor Surf blogs and industry articles, you know that we put a HUGE premium on SOC certification.  Achieving it is time consuming, expensive and constantly being audited and re-certified, far more labor intensive than what an annual lender audit will consider.  SNTC clearly understands the importance of being 'locked down tight.'

Sutherland Mortgage Services

Having long been deeply engaged in the 'all things vendor (and outsourcing)' arena, I have known about Sutherland for years... at least so I though.  Boy was I mistaken, once engaged in discussions with them about Vendor Surf, I learned how very little I knew about Sutherland.

They have 19 different vendor listings on Vendor Surf, the most of anyone, showcasing an incredible array of solutions and services across mortgage and credit union ecosystems. Even more impressive was the chat about what they are doing in the technology space, and for whom they are doing it for – several Wall Street technology darlings.  Much of this is spawned by the innovation produced out of their 'Sutherland Labs' located in San Francisco and London.  

If you have not checked Sutherland out in a while, do so, and look across all of their capabilities in:

  • Services
  • Digital Transformation
  • Customer Engagement Transformation
  • Business Process Transformation


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