An Unmatched Tech Configuration in Mortgage

July 14, 2020 – The MBA NewsLink just published our latest article on three very diversified fintech's that, when used together, give you one of the most savvy tech stacks imaginable in mortgage.  Quite impressive on their own accord as well.  Find the full article HERE  

Simply stated – really cool, innovative and useful offerings that do not resemble others in the mortgage and credit union ecosystems.  Collectively, these three introduce entirely new ways of approaching the full-stream life cycle of lending, from lead generation through smartly servicing and retaining your coveted consumers.  Check out how these innovators help make you ‘more sticky’ with referral sources and borrowers throughout their journey and with clients in your portfolio.  And, if you like reducing cost and improving service at the same time, you will enjoy today’s read.

House of Words

Fortunately for all of us, high-tech companies like these three also bring with them much reduced implementation time and costs that we have long desired.



Attract borrowers.  Social Media | Mobile | News Sites | Online | Streaming TV

Provide personalized, compliant digital advertising for every loan officer at your company without lifting a finger. All ads are “Face-forward and brand-forward.”

Own the client relationship and reach home buyers before real estate agents with enterprise-grade behavioral, geographical and custom audience targeting technology.

Lock-in ad templates to ensure strict adherence to regulatory requirements and your firm’s brand guidelines.  Personalize ads for every loan officer, matching the perfect message to the right audience.

Review and approve loan officers’ ads in seconds with a fully automated workflow.  Just last week, Adwerx entered into a multi-year agreement with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices .


Latest tech for end-to-end customer care and optimization, and more.  A whole new approach to giving the entire enterprise the data and info they need, very much like a Siri and/or Alexa approach (Yep, like a concept of a 'Siri Query' or an 'Ask Alexa'  that we've come to depend on). Software that adapts to you and really does let you simply ask questions.

Close more loans, faster, with Capacity's AI-powered support automation platform.  Instant loan information, whenever and wherever you need it.  With feedback, human-in-the-loop assistance and verification systems, you can rest easy knowing that the answer you’re getting is correct.

The time your loan officers spend training is time that isn’t spent making deals and closing loans. Getting your team members up to speed quickly so they can start closing deals is critical to making sure your loan pipeline stays full.

Increase your organization’s capacity with Capacity’s secure, AI-native knowledge sharing platform

  • Grow your revenue
  • Reduce your support costs (while improving service & satisfaction)
  • Automate your processes


Retain the borrower long after the loan closes – 71% of clients forget their lender’s name 13 months post-transaction.  HomeBinder has a solution that ALL stakeholders should love, including Millennial borrowers.

HomeBinder is a digital "3-ring" binder for the homeowner (online and mobile app) to help homeowners organize and manage all aspects of their home down to paint colors by room! It can be branded either with just the loan officer information or with both the LO and real estate agent's information. Loan documents can be loaded in automatically for the homeowner for posterity through an integration with Encompass.

Get More Repeat and Referral Business, Post-Closing Stay in front of your borrowers, when your contact information is tied to the home stages, and saved on their helpful home dashboard.

Key features also remind homeowners to contact you for:

  • Home Equity Loans
  • Refinancing
  • New Loans (vacation home, etc.)

In Summary

See the entire article for a more in-depth perspective on how these three innovators are changing the landscape.  They give credence to the old saying, 'Work smart, not hard.'  It's not that hard to ask them for a demo.

Thanks for reading.


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