Gooi Mortgage Announces New Consulting Services

Aug. 22, 2018 – 

Congrats to our Vendor Surf partner, Gooi Mortgage, in the launch of their new consulting services business, complimenting established mortgage services.  You can find their announcement HERE.  mortgage credit union bank consulting

 Our Take – Makes complete and total sense to offer consulting expertise.  Besides the career track records of the leadership team, imagine the years of lessons learned supporting clients of all sizes in the following verticals: 

  • Loan Fulfillment
  • Contract Underwriting
  • Secondary Markets delivery

The team at Gooi Mortgage has spent years in the “Captain’s Chair,” navigating the good, bad and ugly for mortgage clients across the spectrum, throughout the mortgage lifecycle.  There aren’t many better ways to learn the mortgage business than by taking advantage of such a great position.  In one particular conversation, we were very impressed to learn how assured and confident Gooi was, advising that they only bring on clients where it is a true best fit for each party – a sign of maturity and experience when you can turn business away. 

CEO Jeff Jensen and team bring more than just the requisite experience to the table, they also have the energy and passion to help clients succeed.  This has been prevalent in every conversation we have had with them.  For Gooi, it starts and ends with being client-centric on every engagement.     

“Through our years of providing mortgage fulfillment to Banks, Credit Unions, and Mortgage Bankers, Gooi Mortgage has gained very valuable experiences in various ways of providing mortgage lending. We are excited to share this knowledge with other lenders,” Jensen said. 

You can visit the Gooi Mortgage WEBSITE to learn more, though here are high-level areas of core competency:

  • End-to-end Originations
  • TPO Lending
  • Operations
  • Secondary Markets
  • Cost / Investment