Appreciation - Beyond The Brands

Jan. 6, 2019 – I spent some time this weekend reflecting back on a whirlwind 2018, and a common theme kept repeating itself – APPRECIATION.

At Vendor Surf, we broke new territory, being the very first ever vendor search engine in this space.  'Firsts' are not always easy.  In fact, they are harder than the 'fast followers' that sprout up after you have shown them the model.  The tall challenge has made the victory all the sweeter.  2018 Logo Clients

In 2018, we added some stellar client brands with great products and services.  I appreciate the opportunity to get to know them and learn about their solutions and specialties.  The talent and experience across the mortgage and credit union ecosystems is remarkable.  Many of their stories are truly inspiring, understanding how they identified market challenges and converted them into opportunities.  They embody the real spirit of entrepreneurism.

Other Things I Appreciate Most From 2018:

  • Vendor Surf CLIENTS that took a chance on us, especially when we were literally just DAYS old.  Thank you for sharing our vision and helping to realize the power of what an intelligent search engine can deliver to an otherwise archaic sourcing method.  2019 - The Year to be Seen!
  • Vendor Surf SEARCHERS – You came by the thousands to check us out, and we're presently adding over 1,000 new ones every month.  As best we can tell, our solution has been on par with our hype.  Your 'return visit' rate is very healthy, causing us to believe you are finding value and you keep coming back for more.  Thanks!
  • FRIENDS... and sometimes even new acquaintances – Your desire and willingness to help us succeed, backed up by your deliberate actions:
    • Introductions & client referrals
    • Listing on Vendor Surf or buying a banner ad
    • 'How ya doin' calls (just checkin' in)
    • New acquaintances sending leads they could not qualify (by the dozens); Never once could have predicted this.  Amazing!
                 Ever want to know the true measure of a friend... Launch a business!
  • A sensational BUSINESS PARTNER.


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We have a few major initiatives planned for 2019, taking an already successful platform to the next level.  Best of all, each of these initiatives were born out of our ALWAYS ON efforts to listen to 'voice of the industry' feedback.  We have continually heard recurring themes and requests and we're taking action.  Can't wait to deliver, and announce!

Thanks for reading.