Appraisal, Insurance, Signing/Closing and Credit & Verifications

August 22, 2019 – Thrilled to announce FIVE more vendor partners joining our search engine, spanning a great variety of industry services, including:

  • Appraisal & valuation
  • Closing technology
  • Notary & signing services
  • Credit services
  • Insurance
  • Vendor management

We proudly welcome these partners:welcome insurance appraisal signing closing

  • Mylo Insurance Solutions (powered by Lockton)
  • Partners Credit & Verification Solutions
  • Act Appraisal
  • The Closing Exchange
  • First Look Appraisals
Here is a brief overview of their respective services.

Mylo (powered by Lockton)

Mylo and Vendor Surf share a common attribute – searching (and matching) made incredibly simple. Part of Lockton, the world’s largest independent and unbiased insurance broker, (translation: they do not write their own policies), Mylo matches your specific needs (and those of your borrowers) working only with A-rated carriers.

With this simplified digital solution, you are also supported by Mylo’s licensed insurance specialists to give you expert advice. Mylo gives you and your borrowers the ability to shop multiple top carriers and receive coverage recommendations personalized to each individual need.

Mylo’s industry-disrupting homeowners insurance solution leverages automation and API technology so it is easy to set up and maintain. Customized solutions for you and/or your borrowers insurance needs across home, renters, liability, cyber, umbrella and other insurance verticals (including small business, commercial and individual health).

And Mylo strategically aligns with lenders, servicers and industry referral partners, providing a fast, friendly and efficient experience for your customers that will help them feel confident during a major decision and keep you on track for closing on time.

Schedule time with Mylo to learn more about a rewarding partnership.

Partners Credit & Verification Solutions

PCVS has some major credibility in the space, having been at the center of the data availability and technology evolution since the beginning – 26 years and counting.  PCVS owns and operates an advanced, proprietary technology platform which gives them complete control over meeting unique client needs.  They understand that no two clients are alike and PCVS wears their commitment to client customization as a ‘badge of honor,’ a big marketplace differentiator.

Other Key Differentiators:

  • SOC2–Type II certification (as good as it gets for information security, among other things)
  • Fannie Mae Day-1 Certainty
  • A broad product and services menu, including: Credit Reports, Verifications, Lead Generation, Compliance/Fraud/Risk tools, Flood Services, Appraisal/Valuations as well as Vetting, Due Diligence & Background Checks

We cannot stress enough the above-mentioned certifications.  Each on their own merit are impressive, but to be SOC2–Type II certified and Day-1 Certainty approved is worth calling out again. 

Act Appraisal

ACT Appraisal was founded nearly 20-years ago and helps reduce client’s time, effort and costs in managing the appraisal process.  They remain at the forefront of effectively and efficiently managing through regulation and technology, helping make them an industry leader.

Here is a snapshot of what it means to partner with ACT Appraisal:

  • First class customer service
  • Designated team members to support and manage your needs
  • Online status updates available 24/7
  • Rich experience across the organization
  • Elimination of many of the compliance challenges
  • Get a Certificate of Non-Influence & Compliance on every report

The QC department is comprised solely of in-house appraisers with 100% of reports manually reviewed to ensure they meet industry standards, as well as underwriting overlays specific to each client.

The Closing Exchange

Alan Frelix has built an innovative vendor management platform and company, and has surrounded himself with very deep bench strength.  Collectively, TCE has former executives from Top-5 Lenders, a Big-4 Title Underwriter and a former President of a National Title Agency.  There is no doubt they know the closing and signing service space extremely well.

Frelix clearly saw what the rest of us did - decades of the back-end of the originations process fraught with fraud, inefficiency, minimal insight into closing agent ability, credentials, history and performance.  The difference is... Frelix did something about it and launched TCE.

A Few Key Highlights:

  • Closing/Signing Agent vetting, QC and scoring
  • Dynamic, customized and efficient workflows
  • Ongoing training of the TCS panel of agents

You no longer have to let the back-end of your business languish.  When the loan closing is the last BIG impression to be made on the borrowers, ensure you have deployed the 'best-of-the-best' brand ambassador via The Closing Exchange. 

First Look Appraisals

The AMC experience – "It really can be different," says the executive team at First Look Appraisals (FLA).  They are certain that you no longer have to tolerate mediocrity.  FLA is a nationwide AMC that promises an approach entirely different by leveraging their in-house proprietary technology (called "docent"), refined processes and experienced staff of industry professionals.

Before making a vendor selection, FLA encourages you to inspect their truly unique solution that results in an improved user experience for all parties involved in a lending transaction, such as:

  • Reduced cycle times, revisions and fallout
  • Increased pull-through
  • Reduced costs
  • Proactive communications, often intelligently auto-triggered by docent
  • Visibility, predictability & control

When you ask FLA what they do differently – 'Everything' is the answer.

Thanks for reading.  Find a copy of the Vendor Surf media kit HERE